Boyne  Celtic Session

Gaeyle began the Boyne Celtic Session in 2009 with the assistance of Dan House and John Richey. 
Gaeyle and Dan continue to host the Boyne Celtic Session which now meets at the Boyne District Library in Boyne City.  Dates for 2014 have changed due to the availability of the community room at the Library so visit the Calendar and Events page for current dates.  Please click the Contact Us if you have questions or would like to receive a free pdf book of the session tunes most often played. 
Fashioned in a Traditional Irish Session format, the Boyne Celtic Session is not a jam, but a very lively and driven group of many of the regions best Irish music loving musicians who gather to encourage and grow in all facets of Traditional Irish and Celtic music. We want to thank the folks from the TC Celtic group who support and encourage us. They meet Tuesdays at Little Bo's in Traverse City, 7-9pm. They are a more advanced group so be prepared to play "without the dots"!

Players and listeners are invited to join us for our afternoon of great music and good company in a most enchanting environment. Bring a picnic lunch or a fingerfood to share. The Boyne District Library community room allows us plenty of seating, tables and an area for coffee, tea and finger food. 

Musicians who frequent the Boyne Celtic Session include: Claire Heidke, Bob Miller, LeeAnn Ewer, John Richey, Steve Middaugh, Mark Olson, Mark & Kathy Schoen, Mark and Dennis Havlena, Stephen Guthrie,  Susan and Dan Roache, Dane Hyde, Lawrence Probes, Judith Lindenaugh,  Bill Henne, Marty Galbraith, Trish Shattuck, Chuck Burgtorf, Steve Niehaus, Linda Hammond, David Bowen, Jan LePage