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Therapeutic Music that Makes a Difference

Health, healing and aging are areas that can be positively impacted by live therapeutic music played bya musician with clinical training. Gaeyle has a passion for music that brings healing and is a service to those in the tougher times of life. If you are interested having Gaeyle play for your organiztion or event please contact her at the number below. References are available and given on request. 


Live Therapeutic harp music can make a positive difference for patients, their families and the medical staff.


Therapeutic harp music can create a healing environment and bring beauty and peace to the present moment.

Clinical and Care Facilities

Live therapeutic music created by a certified Clinical musician is more than entertainment. 

Clinically Trained

Gaeyle plays therapeutic music at a regional hospital as well as for a county Adult Day Care Dementia unit. 

Therapeutic music created especially for the individual to help  make the most of the present moment in life. 


Gaeyle is recieving her certification as a Clinical Musician from a program recognized by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Music. .

Harp for Healing

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